Eye Care

For your vision.
For your health.

Vision that fits you.

Too often, patients are 'fitted' with corrective products that 'fit' a prescription but not the person. At Claremore Eye Associates, we focus our care on fitting the whole person from health & prescription to their lifestyle.

The window to your health.

Most people don’t realize that their eyes are windows to their overall health. Your eyes can show early signs of harmful disorders, including diabetes and high blood pressure, making routine screenings essential for maintaining an overall healthy body.


From your hobbies and interests to your eye care and overall health, we get to know you and your specific needs. At Claremore Eye Associates, we strive to provide you with personalized eye care to fit you and your lifestyle. We do this through:
• Vision exams • Corrective consultations • Several options for frames and lenses


At Claremore Eye Associates, we take a comprehensive approach to your eye care, focusing not only on your eyes but also what your eyes can tell us about your overall health. To keep your eyes and entire body healthy, we provide:
• Spectral Domain OCT (Ultrasound of the eye) • Diabetic Exams • Ongoing disease care